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Avance Clinical Joins Industry Leaders at Conference Discussing The Future of Medicinal Cannabis

By March 2, 2021December 18th, 2023Other news

Australian CRO Avance Clinical Chief Scientific Officer joins industry leaders and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt today at a conference discussing research opportunities in the fast-growing medicinal cannabis therapeutics sector held in Melbourne.

The conference is the ideal forum to share a deep understanding of the latest research and global trends regarding the clinical applications of medicinal cannabis.

Conference topics include:

  • The current research activities and clinical trials involving medicinal cannabis
  • Patient and doctor opportunities and barriers relating to the use of medicinal cannabis
  • Discussion of the challenges and solutions in regard to access and education relating to medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is prescribed to relieve the symptoms of medical conditions, such as epilepsy. For some patients suffering chronic or terminal illnesses, conventional medicines are not effective, or are not as effective as medicinal cannabis. Furthermore, for some patients, conventional medicines may cause side effects that cannabis can help to relieve.

In 2017, Australia joined 20 other countries who have legalized cannabis for medical use and in 2019, it legalized medicinal cannabis exports, priming it to become a significant player in the global cannabis market.

Avance Clinical Chief Scientific Officer, Gabriel Kremmidiotis,said the conference offered new opportunities for collaborations as part of the global push for research and therapies.

“The global medicinal cannabis market is poised to explode in value, with an estimated projected worth of $55 billion by 2025. Avance Clinical recognizes this as a fast growing space of clinical research and development activity where it can support development of new products through its range of clinical CRO services.”

Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausensaid “biotechs around the globe recognize the value of conducting their trials in Australia given the local support of scientific and research excellence, Australia’s advanced healthcare, and the opportunity to access patients in a less clinical trial competitive environment.”

Avance Clinical offers 20-years of experience in the CRO sector with most biotech clients coming from the US and, increasingly, the EU and Asia.”

“Perhaps the biggest drivers are that Australia offers the world’s most competitive R&D rebate grant of 41% on clinical trial spend, and that the regulatory environment affords for faster clinical trial approval timeframes compared to other countries.” Ms Lungershausen said.

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