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Alex Kavros

Executive Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Alex Kavros's LinkedIn Profile

Before joining Avance, Alex held significant roles at Ergomed, Worldwide Clinical Trials and Vifor Pharma, where he led clinical development campaigns, spearheaded global regulatory operations and optimized business processes and workflows . His expertise encompasses a broad range of pharmaceutical products, including biologics/ATMPs, small molecules and vaccines, across various stages of development from clinical development to marketing authorization and product launch.

Alex’s academic credentials are equally impressive, with a BSc (Hons) and PhD in Chemistry from Lancaster University, UK, followed by a Post-doc in Macromolecular Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. His robust scientific background has been instrumental in his professional achievements and in shaping his approach to regulatory science.

In his previous roles, Alex has been a pivotal figure in driving business growth, enhancing regulatory service capabilities, and ensuring operational excellence and compliance within complex regulatory environments. His leadership in overseeing 5,000 regulatory submissions globally underscores his capability to manage and navigate the intricate regulatory landscape effectively.

Residing in Zurich, Switzerland, Alex is poised to leverage his extensive experience at Avance Clinical. His responsibilities will include developing and maintaining a proactive, solution-oriented team of regulatory experts, fostering a strong culture of compliance and customer-centricity, and spearheading regulatory operations for clinical trials. Alex’s role is crucial in ensuring that ‘ClinicReady’ and ‘GlobalReady,’ align with Avance’s commitment to supporting the development of products that significantly improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Alex finds the integration of ‘ClinicReady’ and ‘GlobalReady’ concepts within Avance’s development strategies compelling. This approach not only enhances Avance’s domain expertise in scientific and regulatory field but promotes the development of innovative products that meet critical patient needs.