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Why do you love working at Avance Clinical?

Avance has a wonderful team environment, no matter which department you work in and there is a sense of quality and commitment from everyone.

Corporate Team


Avance has a fantastic culture, one that values its employees and provides growth opportunities. I feel like when I provide feedback, it is heard and actioned, and that I regularly feel welcomed and valued.

Clinical Team

I love my work at Avance, supported as an individual and within a great team, valued for my input, however big or small, in a complex industry always working for the greater good.

Training and Compliance

What has your experience been like at Avance Clinical in comparison to previous companies?

I have never come across a company that is expanding where people are supportive and want to be part of the growth and success of the business no matter their role.

Corporate Team


Working at Avance allows me to truly “move” things and the feeling of the team having my back 150% no matter what, is truly inspiring. The Avance team is a close-knit team across all functions and accountability is at a constant high. We are all here for the same purpose: Working on interesting projects with inspiring people and having a laugh as well

Clinical Team


The smaller (though growing) nature at Avance has been a nice change. Rarely at larger CRO’s would you have access to the CEO, so that is a fantastic feature. I have enjoyed that I’ve had a small part in shaping some of the SOP’s and that my feedback is sought.

Clinical Team


I have had the opportunity to work in many commercial clinical trial environments. Avance offers a faster, more nimble working environment than Pharma or bigger CROs and a larger breadth of experience than small CROs. Saying that, the whole team seems to love that dynamic culture and achieving the near-impossible.

Clinical Team

If you could describe working at Avance Clinical in one sentence, what would it be?

A forward-thinking company that is fast-paced, fun, and opportunities for development are real!

Corporate Team


Avance is a young, growing CRO with a strong customer focus and a family-owned, small-medium business vibe, and working at Avance has been a welcome change from the big CRO’s.

Clinical Team

I’d recommend Avance to any potential clinical research professional looking for a new challenge and the potential to make a significant impact on clinical research here in Australia, particularly in the small biotech, phase 1 area. This is such a growth industry and being at the cutting edge of research is very cool!

Clinical Team


Working at Avance Clinical feels like home.

Clinical Team

Working at Avance Clinical

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“I joined Avance Clinical after many years in the biotech recruitment space. After all my experience I truly believe this is the place to grow your career with a supportive culture and a world-class reputation.”

Candice Howells
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Features and accolades

“Avance Clinical’s clients are international biotech companies primarily from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, France, and Germany. These clients are seeking a premium CRO with the same experience and advanced technology platforms offered by the major global CROs, but with an agile and customer focused approach to clinical management in Australia and New Zealand.”

Supriya Lala KunduBest Practices Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan