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With strong co-existing relationships with all Phase 1 units across Australia.

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Supporting our global client portfolio with over 20 years’ experience.


World class reputation for accuracy, precision and quality data sets.


The Australian Regulatory Framework is the fastest in the world for undertaking early phase clinical trials.

About Avance Clinical

At Avance Clinical, we have over 20 years’ experience in offering seamless end-to-end in-house clinical research services, supporting our global client portfolio with clinical project management, trial monitoring, local safety reporting, medical writing, data management, statistical and pharmacokinetic services, CDISC and external and internal auditing.

As a leading Australian CRO, with extensive experience across all phases of clinical research, complemented with our full suite of in-house clinical research services, we can ensure your trials are delivered on time and on budget as a certified contract research organisation.

Within Asia-Pacific’s highly competitive CRO market, Avance Clinical stands out as a leader in early phase biotech clinical trials. The company offers a highly responsive and proactive service for biotechs wanting rapid and innovative clinical trial solutions, with the highest level of data compliance. Avance Clinical offers a real size match for biotechs that means better mission understandings and stronger customer service compared to some of the larger CROs.

Nidhi Jalali,
Analyst Best Practices, Frost & Sullivan

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“We aim to give clients unparalleled service to optimise the timely and cost effective completion of projects. It’s as simple as that”

Yvonne Lungershausen,
Chief Executive Officer

Latest News & Events

Press Release: TrialTrove Data Shows Australia is Open for Business says Avance Clinical at BIO Digital 2020

Adelaide, Australia – The leading Australian CRO for biotechs, Avance Clinical announced at BIO Digital today that Australia currently has 2,413 trials planned or ongoing.
Importantly in Australia, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, no healthy volunteer studies have been suspended, and only 27 Phase 1 or 2 studies were temporarily put on hold for various reasons (TrialTrove, 9 June 2020).

Endpoints News: About Avance Clinical’s Oncology Capabilities

As oncology sponsors look internationally to speed-up trials after unprecedented COVID-19 suspensions and delays, Australia, which has led the world in minimizing the pandemic’s impact, stands out as an attractive destination for early phase trials. This in combination with the streamlined regulatory system and the financial benefits including a very favourable exchange rate and the R & D cash rebate makes Australia the perfect location for accelerating biotech clinical programs.