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New Zealand

Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen on a visit to New Zealand sites: At New Zealand Clinical Research (NZCR): Christian Schwabe, Yvonne Lungershausen, Angie Edwards (Avance Clinical SPM), and Mary Ellis-Pegler.


At Optimal Clinical Trials: Angie Edwards (Avance Clinical SPM), Yvonne Lungershausen, Dr Liz Smaill, and Dr Barney Montgomery

Experienced Regional Network

New Zealand Sites

Avance Clinical works closely with the leading sites in New Zealand as part of its regional CRO offering to international biotechs.

New Zealand has a global reputation for high-calibre site teams, PIs and KOLs, and medical and clinical research expertise, and a long track record conducting quality clinical trials for biotech companies.

Globally accepted data

Like Australia, data generated in New Zealand is readily accepted by the main regulatory authorities, including the FDA and EMA.

Relationships are an important part of delivering streamlined CRO services across regions.

Avance Clinical is committed to regular communications and visits to sites in New Zealand to support the conduct of Avance Clinical trials.

Seamless technology

Technology plays a significant role in managing trials across Australia and New Zealand which is why sites in the Avance Clinical network use the latest tools from Medrio, Medidata, and Oracle to collaborate in real-time with the Avance Clinical data team.

New Zealand advantages

New Zealand offers significant advantages across many indications including seasonal conditions, metabolic disorders, and allergies, and the diverse ethnic population is also attractive for biotechs conducting early to late phase studies.

The streamlined regulatory process is also attractive for biotechs wanting rapid start-up and approvals.

Avance Clinical works with the leading sites including NZCTR, Optimal Clinical Trials,  and P3 Research.


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More benefits

Avance Clinical can leverage all the benefits of Australia and New Zealand’s clinical ecosystem to deliver your study

Almost half clinical costs

The Government R&D grant means up to 43.5% rebate on clinical trial spend

Rapid Start-up

Site Initiation Visit (SIV) and Study Start can be achieved in 5 – 6 weeks

Start-up time

Site Initiation Visit (SIV) and Study Start can be achieved in 5 – 6 weeks


No IND required for clinical trials

GMP material

Full GMP material is not mandated for Phase I clinical trials

Gene-therapy accreditation

Avance Clinical is an accredited gene-therapy CRO

Seasonal studies

Northern hemisphere Sponsors can conduct their studies year-round by taking advantage of Australia and New Zealand's counter-flu and allergy seasons

FDA and global regulatory data compliance

Major hospitals with world-class infrastructures and dedicated Clinical Trial Units with a long track record in FDA compliant research
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“Within Asia-Pacific’s highly competitive CRO market, Avance Clinical stands out as a leader in early phase biotech clinical trials.

The company offers a highly responsive and proactive service for biotechs wanting rapid and innovative clinical trial solutions, with the highest level of data compliance. Avance Clinical offers a real size match for biotechs that means better mission understandings and stronger customer service compared to some of the larger CROs.”

Nidhi JalaliAnalyst Best Practices, Frost & Sullivan

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