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Yvonne Lungershausen

Chief Executive Officer

Yvonne Lungershausen's LinkedIn Profile

Yvonne began her career in academic “bench” research with Adelaide University and CSIRO. Yvonne then moved into clinical trials research at a dedicated Phase I unit where she was one of the first in Australia to test a new chemical entity in healthy volunteers, giving rise to what is now a strong Phase 1 sector in Australia.

Yvonne also spent time in the biotech world as Clinical Development Manager then moved into senior Contract Research Organization (CRO) roles.

With 25+ years of clinical trial experience gained across most therapeutic areas, Yvonne brings a deep understanding of all phases of the drug development process. With a passion for exceeding client expectations, Yvonne is highly regarded within the industry for her expertise and ability to solve complex clinical trial issues.

In 2009 Yvonne Lungershausen became a Founding Member of CPR Pharma Services (CPR) as it spun out from the University of South Australia. As a key member of the CPR Senior Management Team she was responsible for the clinical operations side of the business.

Then in January 2019 CPR Pharma Services split into two separate service companies, analytical services (Agilex BioLabs) and clinical services (Avance Clinical).

Yvonne was appointed as CEO of Avance Clinical and has since rapidly built the company into Australia’s leading CRO for biotechs – attracting innovative biotech clients from USA, EU and Asia and winning awards for quality and service.