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Unlock Regulatory Success with Avance Clinical’s Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Department

At Avance Clinical, we understand the challenges faced by biotech companies in navigating the complex landscape of scientific and regulatory affairs. That’s why our Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Department is committed to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect biotech companies with the right preclinical choices through our ClinicReady services and guide them through the global clinical development continuum with our GlobalReady solutions. We act as a surrogate development department for start-up companies, assisting them in demonstrating safety and preliminary clinical proof of concept of their assets.

Our mission


We boast deep scientific and regulatory experience and knowledge, allowing us to provide unparalleled guidance to our clients.


We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our services to help them achieve their milestones efficiently.


We ensure rigor, compliance, and efficiency across all stages of drug development, trial delivery, and registration planning.

We Offer

Regulatory Strategy Development

We devise regulatory strategies to navigate diverse regulatory landscapes, ensuring timely submissions and approvals.

Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

We serve as the primary liaison between our clients and regulatory authorities, maintaining open lines of communication and addressing inquiries promptly.

Surrogate Development

Acting as a surrogate development department, we assist start-up companies in demonstrating safety and preliminary clinical proof of concept of their assets.

Streamlined Marketing Application

Our medium-term aim is to offer a streamlined and flexible marketing application experience to our clients through our fully integrated functions within SRMA, harnessing our comprehensive global expertise.

Adherence to GCP Standards

Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, safeguarding the integrity and ethical conduct of clinical trials.


Solution-oriented team of regulatory experts, fostering a strong culture of compliance and customer-centricity.

Gabriel Kremmidiotis title=

Gabriel Kremmidiotis

Chief Scientific Officer

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Alex Kavros title=

Alex Kavros

Executive Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

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Ron Carozza title=

Ron Carozza

Executive Vice President, Global Strategic Site Solutions

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Kevin Leach title=

Kevin Leach

Senior Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

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Jorgen Mould title=

Jorgen Mould

Senior Director, Scientific & Regulatory Services

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Kate Bush title=

Kate Bush

Director, Medical Writing Services

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Pilar Garzon title=

Pilar Garzon

Director, Safety & Medical Monitoring Services

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