The North American Advantage

With more than 80% of Avance Clinical’s biotech clients located in North America, the region has played a significant role in the almost three decades of the company’s growth.

Avance Clinical has expanded globally to accommodate the needs of its biotech clients. North America is now Avance Clinical’s largest operations base outside Australia, reflecting the region’s importance in the biotech drug development environment.

North American drug development plays a vital role in the global biotech sector. The FDA is the leading regulatory authority for review and approvals and is considered the gold-standard for biotechs looking to achieve engagement, submissions and ultimately, regulatory approval.


Three decades of experience in biotech drug development

Avance Clinical’s
North American operations

benefits biotech clients in a number of important ways.

Biotechs can commence their early phase in North America with Avance Clinical’s experienced team, backed by operational excellence, the ClinicReady startup expertise as well as the Global Scientific and Regulatory Affairs team. They can then progress to later phases in North America while incorporating multi-regional markets in Asia and Europe, again with Avance Clinical operations.

Alternatively, biotech clients can start their early phase in Australia and New Zealand and expand into North America for later phases all with the same expert Avance Clinical services. Australia offers considerable cost-effectiveness and fast start up benefits which can also be leveraged as biotechs move into North America.

A vast number of successful drugs to market had their early phase start-up in Australia which boasts almost a 50% Government Rebate and no need for an IND, which speeds up the research process. Learn more about the Australian Advantage.

North America has considerable appeal for biotechs globally because ultimately regulatory approval of their therapeutic product lies with the main regulatory authorities such as the FDA.

Streamlined Global Clinical Research

As your drug development journey progresses, the Avance Clinical team can transition your clinical research from early to late phase multi-regional studies with the assurance that the global team brings the same expertise and professionalism you have come to expect. All while saving time and costs and delivering rigorous globally-accepted data.

What also sets Avance Clinical apart is client access to the leadership team. The collaborative management structure allows for advanced communications across all functional areas so clients can engage with executives and experts from all teams as needed. 

The clinical operations, project management, and scientific and regulatory affairs teams offer decades of deep clinical research management experience across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, and Europe. 

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