The Asia drug development advantage

Avance Clinical has located its Asia hub operations in Seoul, South Korea which is highly regarded for its advanced technology and scientific and medical excellence.

Avance Clinical Asia operations support North American and European biotechs looking to Asia for later phase multi-regional studies. In addition, Asia biotechs can utilize our Australian and North American clinical services to progress their drug development programs.


Three decades of experience in biotech drug development

Cost Effective Trials in Asia

Conducting late-phase clinical trials in Asia offers a multitude of benefits. One of the primary advantages is access to a large and diverse patient population. Asia is home to over 4.5 billion people, representing a wide array of genetic backgrounds, lifestyles, and disease patterns. This diversity enables researchers to gather comprehensive data across various demographic groups.

There is a high prevalence of certain diseases in Asia, such as some cancers, hepatitis, metabolic, infectious diseases and CNS diseases. Conducting trials in regions where these diseases are widespread allows for quicker patient recruitment and provides valuable insights into the efficacy of treatments for these specific conditions.

Asia also offers cost advantages. The overall cost of conducting trials in many Asian countries is lower compared to Western countries. These cost savings can make late-phase trials more financially feasible, enabling biotech companies to allocate resources more efficiently and potentially reduce the overall cost of bringing a new drug to market. Additionally, the presence of world-class research facilities and highly trained medical professionals in many Asian countries ensures that the quality of clinical trials is maintained at a high standard despite the lower costs.

Regulatory Advantages

Regulatory environments in many Asian countries have become increasingly supportive of clinical research. Governments in countries like China, India, South Korea and Singapore have implemented policies and frameworks to streamline the approval process for clinical trials, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and accelerating timelines. These regulatory improvements make it more attractive for biotech and pharmaceutical companies to conduct their trials in Asia, fostering a collaborative environment between regulators, researchers, and industry stakeholders.

Technology Advantages

The availability of advanced technological infrastructure in many Asian countries also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials. Countries like China, South Korea, Japan and Singapore are known for their cutting-edge technology and robust digital health ecosystems. These technologies, including electronic health records, telemedicine, and data analytics platforms, streamline trial processes, improve data accuracy, and facilitate remote monitoring and patient engagement. This technological edge ensures that trials are conducted with high precision and reliability.

Patient Recruitment Advantages

Patient recruitment and retention are critical factors for the success of late-phase biotech clinical trials, and Asia offers distinct advantages. The large population base, coupled with an increasing awareness of clinical research and willingness to participate in trials, ensures a steady pool of potential participants. Moreover, cultural factors such as strong community ties and a high regard for medical experts can positively influence patient compliance and retention rates, thereby enhancing the overall success of the trial.

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