30 May 2023

Avance Clinical at ASCO & BIO 2023: Early Phase Oncology Trials Increasingly Elaborate and Demand More Patients

Avance Clinical at ASCO & BIO 2023: Early Phase Oncology Trials Increasingly Elaborate and Demand More Patients

Adelaide, Australia | San Diego, USA

Avance Clinical the leading award-winning Australian and North American CRO that offers ClinicReady and GlobalReady for early-phase biotech companies to speed up the path to regulatory approval, says early-phase oncology studies are increasingly more complex and demand more patients.

Avance’s ClinicReady and GlobalReady service platforms offer significant benefits to product development in oncology.

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According to Avance Clinical’s Chief Scientific Officer Gabriel Kremmidiotis who is part of the Avance Clinical team attending ASCO:

“Recently, Phase I clinical trial designs in Oncology patients have become more elaborate and include elements of dose escalation, dose expansion, and assessment of drug combinations.

This, in addition to the increasing number of new emerging therapeutics, has increased the demand for fast progress through the early phases of development and a greater demand for access to patients.

Utilizing Australia’s regulatory environment and high-quality oncology experts, Avance Clinical is able to facilitate a fast project launch and seamless transition across different parts of modular oncology protocol designs.

Studies start in Australia and, at appropriate stages, expand to the US as determined by patient accrual number requirements for each study.

Retaining the majority of backend services (biostatistics, data management, pharmacokinetics and medical writing) in Australia ensures the highest degree of financial benefit for our clients through the Australian R&D tax incentive.”

Avance Clinical CEO, Yvonne Lungershausen, Chief Scientific Officer Gabriel Kremmidiotis, and Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Jorgen Mold are featured in a new Global Health video on Reuters news service about the importance of quality clinical trials as part of the drug development process.

The Global Health program brings together 100 leaders and executives from various sectors of the Private and Public Healthcare Industry.

Avance Clinical CEO, Yvonne Lungershausen and Executive VP North American Operations John Mann attended the Global Health Summit and Yvonne was a leading panelist.

Avance Clinical is at the cutting edge of clinical trial technology and has recently been ranked as the world leader in decentralized clinical trials (DCT) technology adoption by GlobalData and Clinical Trial Arena in the CRO sector.

The report found 46% of Avance Clinical’s trials incorporated some elements of DCT technologies in 2022 including telemedicine, remote monitoring, and digital data collection.

The DCT report also noted that Avance Clinical’s staff training in the latest technologies was a key factor in the ranking. See the full report here

Avance Clinical’s unique GlobalReady offering enables biotechs that have completed early phase trials in Australia to rapidly and seamlessly transition to the US in preparation for FDA approvals, all with the one CRO and dedicated teams across both regions, which reduces time and cost and delivers quality data.

There are currently more than 280 Phase III global trials that have conducted their Phase I study in Australia, which demonstrates Australian data acceptability with the FDA and other major regulatory authorities.

More than 40 biotech clients are now taking advantage of Avance Clinical’s GlobalReady program.

This seamless GlobalReady journey is designed so biotechs can:

  • Take advantage of the Australian early-phase clinical trial landscape (No IND and 43.5% tax rebate)
  • Transition or expand into North America for later phases – without changing CROs (retain study knowledge and processes/team)
  • Seamlessly operationalize global dose-escalation and dose-expansion trials across the two regions
  • Harness significant speed and cost advantages
  • Be assured of quality data – transferable and readily acceptable by the FDA and other regulatory authorities

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