13 February 2023

Avance Clinical Expands Biometrics Team into India to Support Biotech Trials Demand in US and Australia

Award-winning CRO Avance Clinical, which currently has the largest Biometrics team in Australia, is expanding further with global hires and a specialist hub in Bangalore, India to support growing demand.

Avance Clinical Director Biometrics Paul Donnelly said: “India has an exceptional reputation for biometrics specialists, in particular Statisticians and Statistical Programmers, and Bangalore is very much a center for world-class biometrics talent.”

“Our biometrics team ensures biotech clinical research is regulatory ready for agencies like the FDA and the EMA, and so we need the best. This is therefore an obvious choice to supplement our Australian team of more than 60 biometrics experts with new colleagues in India,” he said.

Avance Clinical has been developing Biometrics expertise globally, with team members joining from South Africa, UK, Taiwan and US, all collaborating as one team.

Avance Clinical has been ranked as the global leader in Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) technology adoption by GlobalData and Clinical Trial Arena. The report found 46% of Avance Clinical’s trials incorporated some elements of DCT technologies in 2022 including telemedicine, remote monitoring, and digital data collection.

The DCT report also noted that Avance Clinical’s staff training in DCT technologies was a key factor in the ranking. See the full report here

Avance Clinical which is globally recognized for quality data, delivers cost and time benefits for clinical-stage biotechs. The company’s GlobalReady model supports biotech clinical development from early to Late phase across Avance Clinical’s operations in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

More than 280 Phase III global biotech have conducted their Phase I study in Australia and then expanded globally, which demonstrates the quality of Australian data with the FDA and other major regulatory authorities.

Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen, said:

“Having an expert team trained in the latest technologies is key to success for a CRO working across regions with multiple regulatory authorities and requirements.”

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  • Learn about our Biometrics services here
  • Learn about the Australian Advantage here
  • Learn about the GlobalReady model here
  • For more information about the benefits of running your next study with Avance Clinical contact us: enquiries@avancecro.com

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