10 April 2023

Avance Clinical Leads DCT Technology Adoption Globally

Avance Clinical Leads DCT Technology Adoption Globally

Adelaide, Australia, North Carolina, USA

GlobalData and Clinical Trial Arena have identified Avance Clinical as the global leader in Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) technology adoption with 46% of their trials incorporating some elements of DCT technologies in 2022 including telemedicine, remote monitoring, and digital data collection.

The DCT report also noted that Avance Clinical’s staff training in DCT technologies was a key factor in the ranking. See the full report here

Avance Clinical which is globally recognized for quality data, delivers cost and time benefits for clinical-stage biotechs. The company’s GlobalReady model supports biotech clinical development from early to late phase across Avance Clinical’s operations in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

More than 280 Phase III global biotech have conducted their Phase I study in Australia and then expanded globally, which demonstrates the quality of Australian data with the FDA and other major regulatory authorities.

According to the report:

“Clinical Trials Arena has established an exclusive taxonomic approach that involves reviewing thousands of drug trial public records from 2022 that mentioned decentralization terminology in the study protocols, as curated in the Clinical Trials Database by GlobalData, the parent company of Clinical Trials Arena. Decentralization terminology includes DCT elements such as telemedicine, remote monitoring, digital data collection, and more.”

Priya Nair, senior clinical trial analyst at GlobalData said this was a rapidly growing offering in CRO. “The US has a massive push to use DCTs because the FDA guidance wants more diversity in trials, and diversity goes hand in hand with DCTs,” she explained.

Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen, said Avance Clinical uses the full range of eClincial technologies including ePro, eSource  and eConsent to support biotech clinical trials.

“Having an expert team trained in the latest technologies is key to success for a CRO working across regions with multiple regulatory authorities and requirements.”

“DCT elements are being incorporated in trials to further manage biotech time and budget challenges and to offer diverse and remote patient populations access to clinical trials,” said Lungershausen.

The pandemic has been the catalyst in speeding up the adoption of decentralized clinical trial methods including home-based and remote monitoring options.

There are considerable benefits to DCT’s including:

  • Reduce the scheduling and travel burden on patients
  • Providing care from the comfort of the patient’s home
  • Connecting patients to trials on a global scale – patients that were otherwise inaccessible under more traditional trial protocols are now available

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, and blood self-collection devices are all revolutionizing the decentralized clinical trial process.

  • Wearable devices are demonstrating enormous potential whether worn as a wrist strap or as an adhesive patch on the body.  AI-embedded capabilities allow these devices to measure a patient’s heart rate or metabolism remotely. Linked to the cloud through secure networks, clinicians can receive and analyze the data in real-time.
  • Video calling and electronic reminders, can improve patient compliance in trials – prompting participants to take their medication at the right time or to record in their electronic diary development.
  • Technologies are developing to allow patient-centric sampling (self-collection of specimens) with devices that require either the use of a lancet or a finger prick whereas others do not, making clinical trials even more convenient.

Find out more:

  • Learn about the Australian Advantage here
  • Learn about the GlobalReady model here
  • For more information about the benefits of running your next study with Avance Clinical contact us: enquiries@avancecro.com

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