29 June 2023

Avance Clinical Opens New North American Headquarters

Avance Clinical Opens New North American Headquarters

Adelaide, Australia | North Carolina, USA

Avance Clinical the leading award-winning Australian and North American biotech CRO that offers the GlobalReady program to speed up the path to regulatory approval, has opened new North American headquarters in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Avance Clinical expanded operations in the US last year to offer its clients a seamless drug development journey from Australia to the US with the same CRO.

Avance Clinical is the largest and most established full-service Australian and New Zealand CRO with a proven track-record of data acceptance by the FDA and all other major regulatory bodies.

Avance Clinical’s Executive Vice President, North American Operations, John Mann, said he was proud to launch the company’s new North American headquarters.

“Avance Clinical has a fantastic reputation within the biotech industry and I am pleased that we have selected North Carolina for our North American headquarters.

“The Research Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) is home to more than 600 life science companies.

The North America team will significantly increase in size over the next 12 months and this prime location will support that growth.”

Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen recently travelled to North Carolina to officially open the new office and welcome new staff members.

“Our North America operations offer our biotech clients conducting their early phase studies in Australia and New Zealand a seamless journey into the US to continue their clinical development programs, retaining the same high-quality CRO, which reduces time and cost and delivers quality FDA accepted data.

More than 50 biotech clients are now taking advantage of our GlobalReady program.

This GlobalReady model is designed to extend biotechs’ investments so they can achieve greater clinical development milestones with reduced spend, all with the assurance of FDA-accepted data.

In addition, the attractive 43.5% rebate on clinical spend in Australia, offers our clients the opportunity to utilize our North American operations expertise and team, whilst maintaining services in Australia to maximize their rebate potential.

We often point to the fact that there are currently more than 280 Phase III global trials that have conducted their Phase I study in Australia, which again demonstrates Australian data acceptability with the FDA and other major regulatory authorities.

Our North America operations team has deep industry experience across a broad range of therapeutic areas, in particular Oncology, Central Nervous System (CNS) and Rare Diseases.

In addition, the world-class best practice technologies, systems and processes are integrated across all regions,” she said.

The Avance Clinical team offers exceptional study approval and success rates which can be attributed to its deep scientific expertise, advanced data technologies, knowledge of the Australian, New Zealand and North American regulatory environment, and its extensive relationships with sites and KOLs.

The company is also accredited as a gene technology CRO under the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) which allows it to manage pre-clinical and clinical trials for vaccines and GMO therapies.

Avance Clinical is at the cutting edge of clinical trial technology and has recently been ranked as the world leader in DCT technology adoption by GlobalData and Clinical Trial Arena in the CRO sector.

The report found 46% of Avance Clinical’s trials incorporated some elements of DCT technologies in 2022 including telemedicine, remote monitoring, and digital data collection.

The DCT report also noted that Avance Clinical’s staff training in the latest technologies was a key factor in the ranking. See the full report here

Avance Clinical has achieved high growth and industry-leading repeat business rates with its focus on gold-standard technology paired with solution-orientated clinical experts. This is the mix that biopharma clients clearly require in this fast-moving, competitive, and high-stakes sector.

Photo: Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen (3rd from right) and Executive Vice President, North American Operations, John Mann (2nd from right) celebrate the opening of the new US office with team members.

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