1 August 2023

Endpoints News Feature: GlobalReady Saving Trial Cost and Time

Endpoints News Feature: GlobalReady Saving Trial Cost and Time

Avance Clinical is the leading Australian and US CRO for biotechs providing world-class clinical research services with FDA and EMA-accepted data across all phases. With Avance Clinical, biotech companies can leverage Australia’s supportive clinical trials environment which includes no IND requirement plus a 43.5% Government incentive rebate on clinical spend. The CRO has been delivering clinical drug development services for international biotechs for FDA and EMA regulatory approval for the past two decades. The company has been recognized for the past three consecutive years with the prestigious Frost & Sullivan CRO Best Practices Awards.

Biotechs are tapping lucrative Australian financial and time saving benefits for trials conducted in Australia and the US. In this report, we explore ways to retain these financial and time advantages for conducting clinical trials in Australia and in parallel or subsequent phases in the US.

The Australian Advantage

When it comes to conducting clinical trials, Australia offers far more than just scientific excellence and regulatory efficiency. Australia has quietly emerged as a financial haven for biotech companies seeking to maximize their funds and return on investment. With a combination of attractive financial incentives, cost-effective operations, and favorable intellectual property protection, Australia presents a compelling proposition for biotechs.

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