Avance Clinical in ASIA

Avance Clinical is proud to announce the opening of our new operations in Seoul, addressing the growing demand from US biotechs and CRO partners for access to South Korea’s scientific excellence and diverse patient populations. This expansion underscores our commitment to providing a global pathway for Korean clinical operations.

We offer fast, agile, and adaptive clinical research solutions for biotechs across all phases of drug development, globally.

Our Seoul office offers a strategic advantage for multi-regional and global trials, facilitating seamless coordination and regulatory compliance. Korean biotechs are leveraging our Australian and US clinical services to advance their drug development programs, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach to clinical research. With Avance Clinical’s expertise and a global presence, we deliver high-quality data and insights that accelerate the development of life-changing treatments.

Services offered

  • Full Service CRO across 120+ indications
  • Multi-regional service offering
  • Preclinical Expertise – Surrogate Drug Development Team, Proof of Concept
  • Access the Australian Advantage – up to 43.5% Australian Government Rebate
  • Access the North American Advantage
  • In House Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
  • Rapid, Agile & Adaptive Approach
  • Gold Standard Systems, Technology and Processes

South Korean Location


World Trade Center
Trade Tower, 511 Young Dong St.(159-1 Samsung-dong)
Seoul 06164


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