14 September 2023

Join Avance Clinical In Seoul At KoNECT Korea 2023

Join Avance Clinical In Seoul At KoNECT Korea 2023

Adelaide, Australia | North Carolina, USA

Avance Clinical, the award-winning Australian and North American market-leading CRO for biotechs, will visit Seoul in October to expand on collaborative opportunities with South Korean biotech companies.

Avance Clinical’s delegation, including Chief Executive Officer Yvonne Lungershausen, Vice President, Commercial Business Development Liahna Toy, and Director of Business Development Cameron Williams, will participate in the prestigious KoNECT Korea Conference in Seoul, October 10-12 2023.

KoNECT Korea is a prestigious gathering of industry leaders, researchers, and innovators in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. This conference provides a unique platform for Avance Clinical to engage with South Korean biotech companies and experts, fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen said they looked forward to expanding the company’s Korean client base and the opportunity to further establish and cultivate valuable relationships and connections with leading Korean biotech companies.

“We are looking forward to meeting with Korean biotechs to discuss the benefits of working with Avance Clinical,” commented Yvonne Lungershausen. “Korean biotechs can benefit from the Australian Advantage, which includes a fast start-up, no IND required, and up to 43.5% saving off clinical trial spend with the Australian R&D tax incentive.

“Korean biotechs then have access to the US via our US team based in North Carolina for later phase studies and ultimately FDA engagement,” she said.

“Avance Clinical’s Australian team has been supporting a number of Korean biotech companies through their clinical development programs offering a favorable regulatory environment, quality data, efficient processes, diverse patient populations, access to experts, stable political environment, strategic location, robust research infrastructure, and financial incentives. These factors collectively make Australia an attractive destination for biotech research and development.

“In fact, we are seeing increasing demand for our biotech specific services such as ClinicReady and GlobalReady which are designed for pre-clinical, early phase and later phase clinical development. GlobalReady is a unique offering enabling biotechs to start rapidly and cost effectively with Avance Clinical in Australia and transition with our team in the US for later phase trials, with all the benefits of retaining the one CRO,” she added.

Conference Information:

KoNECT Korea, October 10-12 2023 at the Conrad Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

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