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Avance Clinical Wins Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award 2022

By December 7, 2022December 12th, 2023Other news

Adelaide, Australia/San Diego, USA – After an extensive review by CRO industry analysts comprising executive interviews and background sector research, Frost & Sullivan has recognized Avance Clinical, the leading Australian-based biotech CRO with US operations, with the Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Asia-Pacific Customer Value Leadership Award.

“Avance Clinical remains a trusted partner, earning a reputation for delivering the overall best in the CRO industry. With its strong overall performance, Avance Clinical earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Asia-Pacific Customer Value Leadership Award in the contract research organization industry,” said Frost & Sullivan as part of the independent analyst review of the company.

“With over two decades of experience, Avance Clinical assists biotechnology (biotech) sponsors in the early phases of their drug development. It delivers prompt, adaptive, client-oriented solutions and customizes its solutions based on its client’s needs rather than the “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is a key differentiator,” noted the report.

Frost & Sullivan identifies APAC as one of the fastest-growing CRO markets globally with an estimated value of nearly USD$8 billion in 2021.

Frost & Sullivan said the main market drivers in APAC included a significant cost advantage, supporting infrastructure, and wide-ranging patient diversity mirroring western nations’ disease prevalence. Frost & Sullivan forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 15.9% from 2021 to 2027.

The Frost & Sullivan analyst report on Avance Clinical also said:

“Avance Clinical’s approach goes beyond its extensive expertise and best-in-class capabilities, with customer value as a strategic imperative. Through the years, the company has earned an outstanding reputation supporting clients’ path toward seamless clinical trial execution.”

The report identified the following further benefits of working with Avance Clinical:

  • Price/Performance Value: Products or services provide the best value for the price compared to similar market offerings
  • Customer Purchase Experience: Quality of the purchase experience assures customers that they are buying the optimal solution for addressing their unique needs and constraints
  • Customer Ownership Experience: Customers proudly own the company’s product or service and have a positive experience throughout the life of the product or service
  • Customer Service Experience: Customer service is accessible, fast, stress-free, and high quality

Brand Equity: Customers perceive the brand positively and exhibit high brand loyalty Avance Clinical CEO Yvonne Lungershausen said this is the third consecutive year the company has been recognised by the analysts at Frost & Sullivan and the team should be proud of their work supporting our global biotech clients.

“This recognition is extremely important for our company because it reinforces the value of our agile clinical solutions that support accelerated clinical development for our international biotech clients.”

“Our US team should also be commended because this award is for the entire company,” said Yvonne Lungershausen.

The Australian and US capabilities feature in the analysts’ findings:

“Avance Clinical’s Australian operations offer clients the opportunity to maximize significant rebates of up to 43.5%, expedited approvals, and world-class trial data for their early-phase clinical development. Our GlobalReady service supports biotechs’ progress through later phases in North America for FDA approvals.”

Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company. Avance Clinical excels in many of the criteria in the contract research organization space.

Find out more:

About Avance Clinical

Avance Clinical is the largest premium full-service Australian and US CRO delivering quality clinical trials, with globally accepted data, in Australia, New Zealand and the US for international biotechs. The company’s clients are biotechs in their early phases of drug development that need fast, agile, and adaptive solution-oriented clinical research services.

Frost & Sullivan Awards

Avance Clinical, a Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific CRO Market Leadership Award recipient for the past three years, has been providing CRO services in the region for more than 24 years.

Pre-clinical through to Phase 1 and 2

Avance Clinical offers pre-clinical services with their experienced ClinicReady team right through to Phase 1 and 2 clinical services leveraging significant Government incentive rebates of up to 43.5% and rapid start-up regulatory processes.

With experience across more than 110 indications, the CRO can deliver world-class results and high-quality internationally accepted data for FDA and EMA review.


Avance Clinical uses state-of-the-art technology and gold standard systems across all functional areas to provide clients with the most effective processes. Medidata, Oracle, IBM Watson and Medrio are just some of the technology partners.

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